DREAMER RED Tö. Dreamer Red
PDF print version Breeder: Drerup
HB-Nr. 917611
BIC 276000539719247
aAa: 345
Beta casein: A2A2
index: gen.ZW 04.2024
Polled status: -
Dreamer Red
Dreamer Red
x VG 85 Go Now RF
x GP 84 Serano
x GP 83 Spencer II
Dreamer Red is No. 6 according to RZG of the daughter proven Red Holsteins in Germany. With 108 kg fat/protein and 139 RZM, he takes 2nd place in the area of production transmission. He is one of the few who, in addition to a very high milk yield, also tests positive for the components, which is not entirely surprising since his mother has meanwhile produced over 50,000 kg of milk with high components. Without Salvatore, Pat Red and Gywer in his pedigree, he is an attractive option for the numerous offspring of these sires in Red Holstein breeding. In addition to an excellent performance, he convinces with very good udder transmission and high fitness values with good udder health, positive milkability and longevity. Dreamer is suitable for heifer insemination and with a RZRobot of 106 also for AMS farms. He tests A2/A2 and is not from ET.
Total indexRZG 128RZ€ 1298
ProductionRZM 139 93%
Daughters/herds 142/55
Milk kg+1037
Fat %+0,11
Fat kg+53
Protein %+0,19
Protein kg+55
RZNProductive Life111
RZSSomatic cell score109
RZRDaughter Pregnancy Rate94
RZDMilking Speed101
KVdSire calving ease111
RZKmDaughter calving ease80
RZOekoEcological Index116
RZFE1Feed Efficiency96
HealthRZHealth 99
RZEuterfitUdder health97
RZKlauenClaw health100
RZMetabolMetabolic stability101
RZKälberfitCalves fitness100
ExterieurRZE 104
Dairy Character 111
Body Composite 99
Feet & Legs 92
Udder 108
Dairy charactertight rib104open rib
Body depthshallow103deep
Rump anglehigh pins83sloped
Thurl widthnarrow107wide
Rear legs side viewposty87sickled
Foot angleflat104steep
Hock qualitycoarse89dry
Rear legs rear viewhocked in97parallel
Front feet orientationhocked in93parallel
Rear udder heightdeep112high
Udder cleftweak102strong
Front teat placementwide100close
Rear teat placementwide96close
Fore udder attachmentloose105strong
Udder balancefront deep105rear deep
Udder depthdeep102high
Teat lengthshort101long
Mutter: Bellevue VG-85
 Mutter: Bellevue VG-85