LIPTON Z P RED Villstar Avance LIPTON P Red
HB-Nr. 298622
ID 120152277401
aAa: -
Beta casein: A1A2
index: gen.CH 04.2024
Polled status: P
Lipton Z P Red
Lipton Z P Red
x GP 84 Lucky PP Red
x GP 81 Powerball P
x VG 85 Delect Red
x GP 83 Doberman
x GP 84 Mr. Burns
x VG 87 Goldwyn
x EX 94 Durham Lila Z
x EX 94 Formation
x EX 94 Starbuck
Lipton Z P Red comes from the very successful Swiss branch of the Lila-Z family. Lipton's breeding value profile promises an excellent balance between good production with very high components, high daughter fertility and longevity, good milkability with low cell counts and a brilliant conformation - broad chest, very wide, perfectly sloped rumps, outstanding feet and legs and highly attached udders with longer, optimally placed ones dashes. The births are easy, as is the mat. Calving progress of the daughters at 116.
Total indexISET 1306
ProductionIPL 121 78%
Milk kg+367
Fat %+0,30
Fat kg+42
Protein %+0,21
Protein kg+30
IFF 115
Somatic cell score119
Productive Life118
Daughter Pregnancy Rate109
Milking Speed103
Sire calving ease100
Daughter calving ease116
ExterieurITP 119
Dairy Character 111
Body Composite 112
Feet & Legs 120
Udder 110
Höhe Vorhanddeep104high
Body depthshallow103deep
Rip structuretight rib115open rib
Rump anglehigh pins101sloped
Thurl widthnarrow118wide
Rear legs side viewposty93sickled
Rear legs rear viewhocked in124parallel
Foot angleflat115steep
Rear udder heightdeep117high
Udder depthdeep117high
Udder cleftweak98strong
Front teat placementwide97close
Rear teat placementwide92close
Teat lengthshort110long
Mutter: Villstar Lucky Leonie Z PP Red
 Mutter: Villstar Lucky Leonie Z PP Red