VERDI P Golden-Tirsvad Nikon Verdi P
HB-Nr. 409821
DK 2371402843
aAa: -
Beta casein: A2A2
Kappa Kasien: BB
Polled status: P
Nikon P
x VG-85 Impuls
x EX-90 Paramount
x EX-90 Abe
Verdi P is a superb combination of an excellent Danish cow family and US genetics. He is one of the highest polled sires in Europe and convinces with a good overall breeding value, very high components, excellent udder transmission and a long useful life. Verdi P also offers the sought-after casein variants beta-casein A2/A2 and kappa-casein BB. Milking speed 100.
Total indexJPI +84
ProductionNM$ +41284%
Milk -217
Fat %+0,31
Fat +55
Protein %+0,13
Protein +20
Somatic cell score3,15
Productive Life1,6
Exterieur PTAT 0,00
Feet & LegsF&L-
Strengthtight rib-0.60open rib
Dairy charactershallow1.60deep
Rump anglehigh pins0.10sloped
Thurl widthnarrow-0.20wide
Rear legs side viewposty0.60sickled
Foot angleflat-0.50steep
Udder cleftweak0.30strong
Udder depthdeep-0.90high
Front teat placementwide-1.20close
Teat lengthshort0.80long